Excellent Clayton Serviced Apartments

Not a lot of people know that Cardiff bagged the sixth place in the National Geographic’s list of alternative tourist destinations in the year 2011.

The culture in this small, elegant capital city is evident and must be one of the reasons people are flocking here in their millions.

According to statistics, there are about nine thousand available bed spaces all over this city. Apartment and hotel businesses are booming in this place given that there are millions of people who visit here each year. Before, tourists used to stay in three to five-star hotels. Just like other hotels, they have large and comfortable rooms, elegant restaurants serving local and international cuisine, oversized conference rooms, and gorgeous swimming pools.Browse around these guys Manhattan Apartments – Notting Hill & Clayton.

Because of the high-class amenities and excellent services that they offer, it is no longer surprising why hotels are more expensive. Even a one-night stay could cost £100 or more. This is why tourists nowadays prefer to stay in serviced apartments. Compared to hotels, serviced apartments are becoming a more popular option for travellers whether it is for short or long-stay because of the following advantages:

Serviced holiday apartments provide more space. More often than not, rooms in serviced apartments have a separate living room and dining area. This is unlike hotel rooms that only have a bedroom.

Serviced apartments are more convenient especially when travelling with family members or workmates. There are apartments with several bedrooms and bathrooms in one room. This is ideal for couples travelling with children as they can keep their privacy. This is also beneficial to work mates on a business trip since they can prepare for their presentation on their respective rooms. Nonetheless, if these leisure and business travellers want to hang out together, then they can do so in the lounge or the living room.

Short stay apartments have kitchens.

What most hotel rooms do not have is a kitchen. This means travellers are forced to eat out at restaurants and fast foods. However, when staying at a serviced apartment, guests are given the chance to cook their own food. This does not only made people save money, but this is also ideal to those with specific dietary requirements.

They mostly allow do-it-yourself laundry.

Hotels offer laundry services, but they tend to be expensive. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, come with in-room washer and dryer. This allows occupants to wash their own dirty laundry; preventing them from spending too much.

Serviced apartments give more bang for one’s buck.

Same with classy hotels, serviced apartments are complete with the necessary facilities people need when travelling. Yet unlike hotels, serviced apartments are budget-friendly. In fact, people can book this excellent type of accommodation at around £65 per night.

As a tip, it is ideal to book in advance. Advanced booking are more affordable than same-day booking. Moreover, if it is a business trip, then it is wise to know what particular area in the city the meeting, seminar or conference will be conducted. This way, you can book a service apartment close to your actual destination.