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If you surf the web enough, you’ll start to notice the advertisements becoming more and more tailored to the things you’re interested in, have you every wondered why, or how? Where do search engines and other sites get information about your interests? Spyware, malicious software that can be installed on computers, are known to track your actions online and how you spend your time online says a lot about you. If I spend a day or two shopping for books online via Google, it’s not surprising to see ads for low priced books when I log into my Facebook account. At first, it was a little scary…how does the information travel from one to another so quickly? The world of influence marketing is growing and has become a world of digital word of mouth advertising where it’s not people who are passing on information, but sites.Do you want to learn more? Visit influencer marketing agency.

New research tells us that toolbars could be collecting your information and passing them on to others. Toolbars, so efficiently available at the top of our windows no matter what site we’re on, make searching for information easy. I don’t have to redirect to Yahoo or Google’s actual site, I can just use the handy little rectangular box that’s already there. But, who wants spyware? Companies do. Businesses who want to find the right crowd to target do and they count on the software to make it possible. While it may seem like a clear violation of your browsing privacy, you actually agree to share your information when you download and use the toolbar. It might be time to take another look at the software you’re using and assessing which information of yours you do or don’t mind having collected.